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Customer Satisfaction Through Parts Availability

Guide For Parts And Service Personnel


To meet or exceed a customer’s parts availability expectations you must properly establish those expectations, then fulfill them.  This becomes most important when you must obtain parts that you do not have in stock.

Timely handling of customer requests is a must in maintaining customer satisfaction when parts must be special ordered to complete repairs.  Time is of the essence, as the customer has already been inconvenienced due to parts not being available at the dealership.  The situation becomes more critical when the vehicle is inoperable or unsafe or unlawful to drive.

Delays in notifying the customer when parts are received compounds the problem and can affect customer satisfaction and repurchase intentions.  Complete cooperation between the Parts and Service Departments is required for those special orders that originate in the Service Department.

First, you must communicate Dealership’s commitment to resolving the parts availability problem so the customer knows that you want to help.

Second, give the customer all the facts needed to create a true expectation of when the parts will be available.

Third, make sure there is accurate communication between the Parts and Service Departments in addition to communication with the customer.

Fourth, understand your ordering options and order according to need.  Obtain out of stock parts in a manner consistent with the urgency of need.

Last, but not least, follow up to ensure that the parts arrive when expected and the customer is contacted to arrange repair of his vehicle.