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Retail Inventory Management (RIM) Program

Retail Inventory Management (RIM) Program text

RIM Parts Department Program Training and Consulting — Managing parts inventory with General Motors Retail Inventory Management (RIM) Program. General Motors will control on average of 85% of parts inventory but Parts Manager must manage 100% of parts inventory.

Objective While In Dealership:

Identify Non RIM Controlled slow and non selling parts to be returned to carline or scrapped and removed from parts department.

Review with Parts Manager, adding part numbers with the RIM Program.

Review Special Order Procedures and ensure parts department has procedures in place to take advantage of RIM’s 90 Day CSO return for special orders not delivered to customer.

Review Inventory Gross Turns, Days Supply and Fill Ratio’s for both RIM Controlled and Non RIM Controlled part numbers.

Review parts department profitability.

Calculate cost to break even.

Establish pricing policies.

Review parts department expenses.

Calculate profit or loss by sales account.

Comparison of parts accounts (current month to prior year same month).

Review with Parts Manager Parts Department Policies and Procedures as outlined by Bob Pearson Enterprises, LLC