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GM RIM Program Returns

The “New GM” will soon emerge from Bankruptcy, the status of the RIM agreement dealers signed with the “Old GM”  has changed effective July 1, 2009. The RIM Program has added thousands of dollars to Dealer’s parts inventories, inflated days supply and reduced inventory gross turns since the RIM Program began. Parts Manager must monitor parts added to inventory by RIM as well as GM’s commitment to allow “Obsolescence Protection” on RIM controlled inventory.

Effective July 1, 2009 General Motors RIM Program Return Policy will be to calculate a return monthly on RIM Controlled parts with fifteen (15) months no sales. (With the changes to RIM Program, no RIM Returns will be calculated until October 2009. This change will increase dollar value of dealers “on shelf” inventory.)
  • Parts Managers must review RIM controlled parts with fifteen (15) months no sales  each month after monthly RIM return is processed and verify that these parts  were ordered under RIM Program. As Per RIM Advisor, Parts Manager is to contact RIM by email with a list of parts with fifteen (15) months no sales and with a RIM order number not listed on that months RIM Return. Any parts purchased prior to “RIM Go Live Date” or rejected for return by RIM advisor will be the responsibility of the Parts Manager to dispose of.

If you need assistance identifying RIM Controlled parts call our toll free number for details.

Phone: (866) 831-0295