Calendar Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Parts Department Consulting
Complete Parts Department Inventory and Financial Analysis and make recommendations to improve inventory control and profitability.

Objective While In Dealership

Inventory control system

  • Review all set ups relating to Phase-In and Phase-Out criteria as well as ordering procedures.

Inventory Analyzation

  • Width and dollar amount of part numbers required.
  • Review part numbers to be added.
  • Identify slow and non selling part numbers to be returned for credit.
  • Review special order procedures.


  • Calculate cost to break even.
  • Establish pricing policies.
  • Review parts department expenses.
  • Calculate profit or loss by sales account.

Complete and review with Parts Manager and Dealer monthly inventory reports.

  • Parts inventory dollar amount required based on parts cost of sales by purchase source.
  • Calculate fill ratio (availability) by purchase source.
  • Calculate inventory turn ratio by purchase source.

Internal parts department procedures

  • Review with Parts Manager all internal parts department procedures.